About us

Regalis Pallets Kft.

Regalis Pallets Kft. is a Limited Liability Company with headquarters in Hungary, in town Dunakiliti. Company Regalis Pallets Kft. is 100% owned by its maternal company in UK – Regalis Construction Limited.

Our target is to make and sell recycleable pressed wooden pallets, made from the wooden waste. We were inspired to establish this company, by the raising demand in european market and companies, which introduce more sustainable solutions to their products/services. We are glad, we can offer ecologic sustainable pallets and improve the quality and lifespan of product. This has impact to decrease cutting trees, which are need to making of standard EPAL pallets.

We offer the top-quality pallets from pressed wood, which can be used for various purposes and in any kind of industry. For example food, pharmaceutical companies, air transport and container marine transport. Our target is to delivering top-quality, recycleable and sustainable pallets, made from wooden waste (wooden chips).