Pallets quality

We are specialist
to pressed pallets

Our product is pressed wooden pallets, made from wooden chips, which comes from a waste from sawmill industry.

The pallet is pressed in automated hydraulic press, where the wooden chips are dosed to the form, mixed with eco-friendly glue in ration 85% wooden chips and 15% eco-friendly glue. Pallet is pressed by 20MP pressure. At the same time the form is heated on 200°C. This temperature causes, the pallets meets the norm ISPM 15 and IPPC. Pallets are made in different sizez, how the client requires. Standard sizes are (in milimeters): 600×400, 800×400, 800×600, 1200×1000, 1140×1140.

Pallets are lighter than standard EPAL pallets. Standard EPAL 1200×800 weights about 20-25kg, while our pallet with the same dimensions weights 16,5kg. So is possible to manipulate with it by one person. Our pallets are more economical in stroing place, because they occupy 60% less of place than standard EPAL pallets.